Training in Remote Meetings

Making your remote meetings more effective and efficient


Training in Virtual Meetings

Remote or virtual meetings increasingly replace physical get-togethers at the conference table. Time- and cost savings are obvious advantages of remote meetings, while at the same time, meeting people online presents us with a couple of new challenges:

  • Technical difficulties (bad connectivity, audio, video, etc) are a constant hazard that reduce productivity and engagement. Good preparation and virtual meeting etiquette is therefore key.
  • Body language and non-verbal communication on the other hand, are seriously impaired by the physical distance and lead to reduced (or eliminated) visibility of participants.
  • Physical distance and weak personal connection are predominant and easily lead to participants getting distracted, disconnected or mentally switching off. Frequent interaction with participants therefore is of uttermost importance.


The primary goal of this training is to enable participants to prepare, moderate and follow-up on their remote meetings in a more effective and efficient way. Additionally, it will provide them with the knowledge of useful moderation tools to apply in their virtual co-operations. After participating in this training, participants will be able to:

  • Define clear purposes, agendas and time schedules
  • Decide about participants and frequency of their meetings
  • Set-up and organize remote meetings in a professional, result-oriented way
  • Moderate remote meetings in a dynamic, interactive and efficient way
  • Use a set of virtual moderation tools
  • Assign responsibilities, create commitment and follow-up on them



This is a remote training session.
Our remote trainings are not simple e-learning courses, but based on interaction & “hands-on” learning by doing! We use simple-to-use platforms and tools, to design virtual learning experiences including video calls, virtual breakout-rooms, participant interaction and feedback from participants & trainer.

  • Compact Version: 6 Training units à 30min (Total 3h)
  • Extended Version: 16 Training units à 30min (Total 8h)

Each unit is centred on one focal point (see section “Key Contents”) and consists of:

  • short theoretical input (approx. 10mins)
  • practical exercise to put theory into practice (approx. 10mins)
  • debrief and feedback on the exercise and (approx. 5mins)
  • Q&A at the end of the capsule (approx. 5mins)

Participants will receive feedback on their performance from other participants and trainer.

Key Contents


  • Hardware (mic, camera, background)
  • Software (Skype, Webex, Zoom & Co)

Preparing Remote Meetings

  • Define clear purpose & objectives
  • Think and visualize results
  • Select the right participants
  • Define priorities and agenda
  • Up-front communication

Moderating Remote Meetings

  • Remote Meeting rules
  • Video, presentations & screensharing
  • Engaging participants – making your remote meetings interactive
  • Role of the moderator
  • Time management

Wrapping-up Remote Meetings

  • Participation and commitment
  • Action plans & responsibilities
  • Moderation toolbox

Following-up on Remote Meetings

  • Following up
  • Effective protocols
  • Feedback & evaluation

ATTENTION: The above described objectives, contents and methodology are just an example. All our trainings are custom tailored for our clients and adapted to organisation, objectives and participants’ profiles. Contact us to talk about your specific training needs!

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