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Expat Coaching Vienna Barcelona Online

Expats, here defined as people who are, will be or have been living in a foreign country and are facing a variety of professional and/or personal challenges:

  • Taking the decision to move to another country
  • Working out the consequences of this move for their partner/family
  • Orienting themselves in their new homes
  • Learning the local language*
  • Incorporating themselves into foreign organisations (private and professional)
  • Integrating themselves into the host culture
  • Understanding and dealing with cultural differences
  • Reaching the objectives of their mission
  • Maintaining contact with their home country/system/organisation
  • And finally: once they have finished their mission, reintegrating back home!

Thanks to my personal experiences in Spain and the Netherlands, I know all these challenges from the inside am happy to act as a sounding board for your challenges within the framework of an expat coaching in Vienna, Barcelona & Online

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* Obviously coaching is not the correct tool for learning a new language, but it can focus on learning strategies and overcoming mental barriers.

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