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  • What is coaching?

    Coaching is a technique for personal development. It is a process in which the coach guides the coachee in the reflection of his professional situation and/or future. He assists in the formulation of clear goals and in devising strategies to reach them.

    A coach is a qualified and certified professional specialised in working with certain techniques. You could describe him as a travel companion on your journey towards your objectives.

  • How does coaching work?

    Coaching makes use of your knowledge and skills and activates and strengthens your resources. The coach is a facilitator: His role is to ask you the right questions and propose the right exercises and tools to make you change your perspective and overcome possible barriers.

  • When is the right moment for Coaching?

    In complex situations, when the path before you is complicated, uncertain or dangerous, has contradictory objectives or simply many obstacles. For example, if you are facing continuous conflicts within your team or organisation.

    In professional growth situations when you have to take strategic decisions that will impact your long-term future. For example when you are about to assume the leadership of a new team, embark on an expat mission or are accepting new responsibilities.

  • Methodology

    Every coach works with a different toolbox and there is no single technique that is on its own superior to others. The clue lies in the “fit” between technique, coach and coachee.

    My model of choice is the transactional analysis (Eric Berne), that focuses strongly on interactions between human beings, thus offering a clear concept for working on human relationships and communication patterns.

    I also enjoy working with the systems theory, a great tool and mindset for understanding complex (social) relationships like teams and organisations.

    Depending on the objectives of each specific case, I also work with other theories and tools such as the psychodrama of Jacob Moreno, the theme-centred interaction of Ruth Cohn or the emotional intelligence of Gardener/Goleman.

  • Framework conditions

    Coaching usually works with periodic sessions of 60 or 90 minutes. Depending on the urgency of the issues at hand, the frequency varies from daily to monthly sessions, in most cases weekly. The duration of a coaching process also depends on the case at hand, but usually varies between 5 and 10 sessions. Coaching sessions can be individual or group based.

  • Location

    I do face-2-face coaching in Vienna & Barcelona where I have comfortable and confidential coaching rooms available. It is also possible to do (part of the) coaching sessions online via Zoom, Skype or similar.

  • Quality and Certification

    The Coaching profession is currently still unregulated by law. This means that literally anybody can write “Coach” on his business card and present himself as such. For this reason, professional associations like EASC, ICF or ICC play a crucial role in assuring the quality of the service: These associations require a minimum number of theoretical lessons, practical experience and supervision. They also publish quality guidelines that are obligatory for their members.

    I am certified as a business coach by the EASC (European Association of Supervision & Coaching) and am an active member of this organisation. As such I guarantee professional coaching standards at all times.

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