Conflict Management Training

How can I manage conflicts in my team/organisation?

Conflict Management Training in Barcelona, Viena & onlineWe are living in times of information overload and constant stress. We are frenetically looking for our equilibrium, but what we often find are more problems and conflicts.

Even though quite often we have already noticed that there is something going on in the team or the department, we prefer not to address it directly. We usually have a lot of other urgent things to worry about and think it wiser not to pour oil on the fire: “Surely it’s nothing really so serious and given time it will work itself out.”

It is exactly this kind of reasoning that in the end leads to escalation. If we address a problem the moment it occurs (or becomes visible) it is usually relatively easy to solve. But if we wait until the problem has had time to develop into a fully blown conflict, we can be sure that the workflow will be interrupted, the resolution far from easy, there will be a lot of negative emotions for everybody and relations between the members of our team or department will be permanently damaged.

The objective of our conflict management training is enabling participants to detect, manage and resolve conflict in a constructive and efficient way. Starting from a theoretic framework of conflict types and phases, participants will develop the necessary skills and acquire the toolbox to manage conflict constructively and negotiate win-win solutions.

  • Detect conflict on time
  • Know about types and phases of conflict and their respective characteristics
  • Manage conflict in a constructive and efficient way
  • Resolve conflict
  • Negotiate win-win solutions


Training Methods
  • Case studies
  • Theoretical input
  • Role plays
  • Feedback
  • Group dynamic exercises

ATTENTION: The above described objectives, contents and methodology are just an example. All our trainings are custom tailored for our clients and adapted to organisation, objectives and participants’ profiles. Contact us to talk about your specific training needs!

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