Remote Presentations Training

Engage your remote audience, transmit your ideas and inspire emotions – through the webcam!


The trend to present your content to a remote audience presents us with specific challenges that we address with our remote presentations training.

  • The presentation medium (ppt, prezi, keynote, etc…) is even more in the centre of attention, than during face-to-face presentations, leading to an increased importance of its structure and design.
  • Body language and non-verbal communication on the other hand, are seriously impaired by the physical distance and lead to reduced (or eliminated) visibility of participants and presenter.
  • Physical distance and weak personal connection are predominant and easily lead to participants getting distracted, disconnected or mentally switching off. Frequent interaction with the audience therefore is of uttermost importance.

Training Objectives

Providing participants with the necessary tools and skills to deliver remote presentations convincingly to a remote audience, to engage them and keep their attention.
After participating in this training, participants will be able to:

  • Structure and design presentation media for online presentations
  • Set-up and use video conferencing software for their presentations in a professional way
  • Feel more comfortable broadcasting video of themselves
  • Use their voice and microphone to their advantage
  • Engage the audience through online interaction

Key Contents

Preparing remote presentations

  • Remote presentation structure & design
  • Setting up online presentations in Skype, Webex, Zoom & Co
  • Preparing for interaction

Delivering remote presentations

  • Using the camera professionally
  • Using the microphone professionally
  • Online presentation tools (screensharing, pointer, polls, etc.)


Training Methodology

This is a remote presentations training delivered remotely via video-conferencing. 
Our remote trainings are not simple e-learning courses, but based on interaction & “hands-on” learning by doing! We use simple-to-use platforms and tools, to design virtual learning experiences including video calls, virtual breakout-rooms, participant interaction and feedback from participants & trainer.
Participants will receive feedback on their performance from other participants and trainer.

ATTENTION: The above described objectives, contents and methodology are just an example. All our trainings are custom tailored for our clients and adapted to organisation, objectives and participants’ profiles. Contact us to talk about your specific training needs!

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