Our Clients

For over 8 years I have been working with clients from a broad variety of sectors in Austria, Spain and the rest of the EU. I am proud to say that my very first clients ever, are still working with me every year! My secret lies in completely adapting to my clients’ needs, in understanding their organisation and not delivering “of-the-shelf” trainings, but custom made training programs, adapted to their specific situation and needs.

  • Small enterprises & consultancies

    Are strongly characterized by the personality of the founder(s) and the dependence on every single employee. Frequently we have been working on:

    – Moving from micro-management to successful delegation
    – Resolving differences or conflicts between founders
    – Teambuilding
    – Presentation techniques
    – Knowledge sharing techniques
    – Strategy development


    With Ulrich, you've got a strong ally at your side: Le listens attentively, understands what the point is and guides you professionally. With his support we reached our objectives. Thank you!
    Gloria Rosales,
    Founding Partner,
    Mandiram Yoga Dinámico
  • Medium sized enterprises in their growth stage

    Are characterized by a highly dynamic environment, ambitious KPIs and fast growth. Frequently we have worked on:

    – Setting up new processes and structures
    – Time- and stress management
    – Introducing new management levels
    – From colleague to manager
    – Building corporate culture
    – Establishing a culture of feedback


    We had two great days in Barcelona and with the help of Ulrich we completely reached our established goals. I've rarely seen a group get highly motivated in such a short time, even though they just got to meet each other. Thanks to the great workshop design and moderation from Ulrich, the feedback from participants was excellent. Thank you very much for your support, it was a pleasure to work with you!
    Saskia Dorbandt,
    Senior Director Aftersales
    Stepstone Group
  • Established companies (national & international)

    Are characterized by established structures and processes that already work well, but can easily lead to departmental thinking and internal competition. At the same time they need to adapt to a dynamic and fast changing environment in order to stay ahead of competitors. We have been working on:

    – Motivation
    – Leadership & Coaching
    – Innovation & creativity
    – Service and product development
    – Organisational development & change
    – Personnel development
    – Feedback culture
    – Cooperation between departments

    Etablierte Unternehmen

    We organized a corporate creativity jam with Ulrich to develop new processes, services and products. The whole day was facilitated in a very dynamic way and participants were highly motivated throughout the day. What I liked the most, was his ability to deviate from the original plan in order to take optimal advantage of opportunities that presented themselves during the session and enabled us to achieve great results. Thank you!
    Elena Colomina,
    Innovation Manager
  • Global players

    The worldwide networks of these organisations are characterized by geographical distance, time- and cultural differences. At the same time, coordination and cooperation between offices is on the daily agenda. We have been working on:

    – Efficient meetings
    – Remote management / teams
    – Intercultural communication
    – Innovation & creativity
    – Knowledge management
    – Learning organisations

    Global Players

    We worked on experiential learning and learning design for 2 days. We dealt with both topics in a highly practical way that enabled a good flow of active learning and provided sufficient room for discussion. The whole training session was enriched by the use of LEGO® Serious Play®, that promoted creativity and made us discover new resources. Thank you very much for your professional and passionate approach!
    Imma Ripoll,
    Sales Education Manager
    Siemens Healthineers
  • Governmental and educational institutions

    Are often characterized by highly regulated structures, hierarchical management cultures and departmental thinking. At the same time they need to quickly adapt to new challenges and further expand their service orientation. We have been working on:

    – Innovation & creativity
    – Communication & cooperation
    – Developing counselling/consulting skills
    – Developing didactical skills


    As well you as a trainer as well as the contents and methodology you selected for us were a big success. It was a very good start into the re-launch of our educational program - a fact that participants highlighted specifically. Let me say: thank you, thank you, thank you… !;)
    Robert Kafenda,
    Apprenticeship & Educational Policy
    Chamber of Labour Lower Austria
  • NGOs

    Are often characterized by a humanistic management culture, experienced meaningful job purposes and high identification of employees and volunteers with the organisation. While positive for motivation, this can also easily lead to an exaggeration of commitment that puts work-life out of balance. We have been working on:

    – Self management
    – Stress-management & resilience
    – Emotional Intelligence
    – Career coaching and employee retention
    – Assertiveness
    – Presentation techniques


    Both, workshop and training were perfectly responding to our learning needs. Ulrich dealt in a professional way with different objectives of participants and his flexibility was extremely helpful for the organization of the learning events. After 3 courses all 28 participants were highly satisfied.  We are very  happy to continue working with Ulrich in the future! 
    Isabelle Weisswasser-Jorrot ,
    HR Director
    Médecins Sans Frontières Austria