Training in Time & Stress Management

“We’re not stressed, because we have no time,
but we have no time, because we’re stressed”


Time & stress management Training in Vienna & Barcelona, English, Spanish, German

While this is a polemic statement by journalist & author Stefan Klein, time and stress are certainly linked in a vicious circle.

Our time & stress management trainings usually start out from an understanding of stress as a physiological reaction of the human body. Participants learn to notice and understand the physiological signals of their body and the fundamental skills of stress management: emotional intelligence and self-awareness. We then explore options of dealing with stress reactions in a productive/constructive way. While a certain level of stress can be useful in the short term, we have a look at dealing with long-term stress and finding a healthy work-life balance.

Once that basis is set, we turn to actively managing time. We start out with an analysis of participants’ time-structure, identifying time-killers, black holes, and phases for concentrated work. We look at different strategies to set priorities, actively manage availability and dealing with interruptions. Effective delegation and assertiveness are further focal points.


Providing the participants with the necessary skills and tools to manage their time and stress more effectively. After participating in this training participants will be able to:

  • Understand stress as a physiological reaction
  • Use self-awareness & emotional intelligence to detect own stress reaction
  • Differentiate between short and long term stress & know their effects
  • Detect symptoms of burn-out in time before getting sick
  • Identify and apply different techniques for managing short and long-term stress
  • Identify and change stress amplifying behavioural patterns
  • Actively manage their time
  • Identify time killers and black holes in their agendas
  • Analyze and set priorities
  • Deal with interruptions proactively
  • Delegate efficiently

Key Contents

Theoretical Framework

  • Stress as a physiological reaction
  • Short and long-term stress
  • Burnout

Stress Management Skills & Techniques

  • Emotional intelligence & self awareness
  • Assertiveness / saying “No”
  • Stress amplifying behavioural patterns
  • Stress management techniques

Time Management

  • Time analysis
  • Setting priorities
  • Dealing with interruptions
  • Time structuring and control techniques
  • Delegation


Interactivity, active experience and learning by doing constitute the core methodology of this training course. As a consequence theoretical input will be limited to a minimum providing a mental framework for the hands-on exercises. The course will take a strong experiential approach offering every participant ample room and possibility to experiment, observe, analyze and improve his/her own time & stress management style.

Participants will receive preparation materials for self-analysis and introspection so that during the training we can focus on practical exercises. We will work and role-play on situations and case studies based on the participants’ personal (work) experience and participants will receive in-depth feedback on their performance.
ATTENTION: The above described objectives, contents and methodology are just an example. All our trainings are custom tailored for our clients and adapted to organisation, objectives and participants’ profiles. Contact us to talk about your specific training needs!

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