A person who never made a mistake,
never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein
  • Pedagogical Concept

    Life-long-learning is one of the fundamental revolutions of our times. The classical division between the learning phase (school, university) and application phase (work) no longer exists. We have to constantly learn to adapt to the rapid changes surrounding us. As a consequence, learning cannot be limited to the classroom but needs to happen in everyday life, above all in our workplace.
  • Didactic Concept

    Our didactic concept is based on Constructivism, a school of thought that starts from the idea that we all are actively constructing our own reality: Based on our perception and interpretation of it, we shape our own self-reinforcing picture of the world around us.
    Applying this thought to the concept of education means that the task of the trainer cannot be to fill the empty recipient with his knowledge. Instead the role of the modern trainer is that of a facilitator, a learning coach you could say, that stimulates his students in a way, so that they can develop new skills and knowledge.

    Experience and learn pro-actively instead of passively receiving!

  • Methodology

    As our didactic concept is based on the active experience of the participant, our methodology focuses on active and long-lasting learning. We mainly work with:

    – Group work
    – Role plays
    – Group dynamic exercises
    – Case studies
    – Problem-based learning

    This does not mean that we completely renounce theory, we think it is very important, but we do limit it to a minimum, placing the emphasis on hands-on forms of learning.

    From our own experience we know that applying newly acquired knowledge is one of the key factors in retaining it. Therefore we pay great attention to the “transfer” of knowledge from the course (protected environment) to the daily routine (real environment).

  • Meeting the clients’ needs

    All the courses shown on this page are examples of the typical courses we offer. Each of them can and will be modified and/or combined with other content to fully adapt it to our clients’ needs. During the briefing we jointly establish the specific objectives, content and methodology thus tailoring an offer to meet your needs.